Updating my Taranis X9D Plus to OpenTX 2.1.9

The last time I used my Taranis was at OpenTX 2.0.15. I haven’t had the time to use my RC gear lately, and I’m trying to get some more time for my hobbies. To begin with, I wanted to try to keep software updated, and I’m pushing my Taranis up to 2.1.9 which is the currently most stable version.

If you’re at a version lower than 2.0, I won’t cover how to update here, it’s a different approach while upgrading beyond 2.0 is mostly plug and play.

If you’re on a Mac, you’ll need to download and install dfu-util, which will let you connect your radio. Then download and install OpenTX Companion. This is all you need for updating your transmitter.

Flashing to the latest OpenTX version

Connect the transmitter with a USB-cable, but do not turn it on. This way you make sure you’re able to update the boot loader as well.

Open up settings in Companion, and configure the settings at your choosing. F.ex. I don’t have helis, so I set it to “noheli” to skip those menus on my transmitter, and I activated lua. Also note that I haven’t marked “EU” or else the D8 menu won’t be available when choosing receiver protocol.You can also setup the path to Google Earth if you want to use this feature. You might want to setup the automatic backup folder and splash screen settings as well.When clicking OK, you typically get prompted if you want to download the latest firmware, otherwise you can just click the button at the top, and it pick a firmware with the configuration you choose in the settings.Choose a place to save it on your computer

When the firmware is downloaded, and the radio is connected, you can write the firmware immediately afterwards

If this doesn’t work, and you get an error like thisIf you are sure your radio is properly connected and recognized, this might be because you are missing a folder on your SD-card. In my case I had been cleaning up the SD card contents (more on that later) and I hadn’t created any folders yet. I created the “SOUNDS” folder, and everything worked.

You can now disconnect the transmitter.

Sorting out the SD card content

To make sure you get all the features of OpenTX, you need to make sure the contents of the SD card is organized correctly. You can download resources for OpenTX from their website.

Put the transmitter into boot loader mode and connect a USB cable

You should now have a couple of icons on your desktop, ignore the one called “TARANIS”, and open the SD card (could be called “NO NAME” or similar)

At this moment my SD card is empty, except the folder structure. After switching through the different OpenTX versions, some features have been added, and some changes has been made to f.ex. sounds, which needs to be sorted out. That’s why I’m starting from scratch, reorganizing the content of the SD card.

Lua scripts

If you want to use Lua scripts (f.ex. the model creation wizard), you have to make sure the folder structure is correct on your SD card.

So at the moment, only the folder structure is on the SD card, no files

To make it easier to keep a backup in the future, I created a folder on my computer for synchronizing the transmitters SD card

I pointed to this folder in OpenTX settings, and clicked the “Synchronize SD” button at the menu bar, and everything was synced back to my computer

Now I know that it can be synchronized properly, it’s time to setup the content of the folders. I did this on my computer, so I didn’t have to have the transmitter connected while organizing the content. This is also easier for later content changes for the transmitter. The content can be downloaded from the OpenTX website where you can get start screens, model icons, sound packs, telemetry scripts etc.I also added my Mercedes 1850L truck, but I still haven’t finished building it, but at least I have the model icon… 
I downloaded and copied the wizard to the correct folder

And added the Amber voice pack (which was split in two packages, 2.0 and 2.1)

After I was finished adding my content, I connected my Taranis while in boot loader mode, and clicked the “Synchronize SD” button. This took a while, but now all of the content was synced over to the transmitter.

All in all this process took a couple of hours, but at least I’m now with a more recent OpenTX version, and I have sorted my content. Next update will be OpenTX 2.2 which was released a few weeks back, where some of the SD content has been changed, but it should now be easier to sort this out on my computer, and sync it over to the transmitter after updating it.


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