Relocating Logic Pro X Library Files to Secondary Drive

I finally got hold of an old Mac Pro early 2008 which I rebuilt from scratch. It had no drives, and the fans all needed replacement. I also had to search for some replacement parts to get it all working, but I got most of it for free, so it’s a “free” Mac Pro which I can use with my synths. The only issue was Logic Pro X’s library taking to much of my system drive’s storage, so I had to figure out a solution.

After installing El Capitan (Sierra not officially supported) I installed Logic Pro X, but quickly got in to storage issues. My 120GB SSD wasn’t sufficient, so I had to relocate the LPX library to a second drive. I got a bunch of these S-ATA2 Samsung 120GB SSD’s which were salvaged from some old Dell computers, and can’t be trusted in a production environment, but for my hobbies it’s more than enough. To get most out of these drive, they were put in a software RAID. This meant that I now got a second Data drive with 360GB storage, and 650MB/s read/write speed, a perfect location for my LPX library.

After creating the RAID and making sure Logic Pro was finished installing its library, I exited Logic Pro and located the library files under “Library/Application Support/Logic” on the system drive. I copied the whole Logic folder…

… and pasted under the new RAID drive I just created.

I then deleted the folder from “Application Support’

Now the library is where I wanted it, but Logic doesn’t know that. This is where ‘Symbolic links’ comes in. I issued the following command in terminal:

sudo ln -s /Volumes/Data/Logic /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/Library/Application\ Support\Logic

‘ln -s’ is to create a symbolic link. I’m telling it that the destination for the link is the folder “Logic” on the volume “Data”. Then I tell it that the source location is on the volume “Macintosh HD” under the folder “Library/Application Support/Logic”.

The link will now be placed under “Application Support”, called “Logic”. The link looks just like a normal alias/shortcut, but this is a symbolic link, and the program will automatically follow the link to the correct location. Logic will never know it moved. 


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