Relocating Logic Pro X Library Files to Secondary Drive

I finally got hold of an old Mac Pro early 2008 which I rebuilt from scratch. It had no drives, and the fans all needed replacement. I also had to search for some replacement parts to get it all working, but I got most of it for free, so it’s a “free” Mac Pro which I can use with my synths. The only issue was Logic Pro X’s library taking to much of my system drive’s storage, so I had to figure out a solution.

Update 10.2018:
Please note that there is now an official way to relocate content in Logic Pro 10.4.2. This should be used rather than my guide, although for any other application which doesn’t let you choose where to install its content, you could use this guide to easily relocate the contents to another drive, without breaking the application.

After installing El Capitan (Sierra not officially supported) I installed Logic Pro X, but quickly got in to storage issues. My 120GB SSD wasn’t sufficient, so I had to relocate the LPX library to a second drive. I got a bunch of these S-ATA2 Samsung 120GB SSD’s which were salvaged from some old Dell computers, and can’t be trusted in a production environment, but for my hobbies it’s more than enough. To get most out of these drive, they were put in a software RAID. This meant that I now got a second Data drive with 360GB storage, and 650MB/s read/write speed, a perfect location for my LPX library.

After creating the RAID and making sure Logic Pro was finished installing its library, I exited Logic Pro and located the library files under “Library/Application Support/Logic” on the system drive. I copied the whole Logic folder…

… and pasted under the new RAID drive I just created.

I then deleted the folder from “Application Support’

Now the library is where I wanted it, but Logic doesn’t know that. This is where ‘Symbolic links’ comes in. I issued the following command in terminal:

sudo ln -s /Volumes/Data/Logic /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/Library/Application\ Support\Logic

‘ln -s’ is to create a symbolic link. I’m telling it that the destination for the link is the folder “Logic” on the volume “Data”. Then I tell it that the source location is on the volume “Macintosh HD” under the folder “Library/Application Support/Logic”.

The link will now be placed under “Application Support”, called “Logic”. The link looks just like a normal alias/shortcut, but this is a symbolic link, and the program will automatically follow the link to the correct location. Logic will never know it moved. 


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