Play Big Pharma on your Mac

I’ve followed the development of the game Big Pharma for a long time, and recently the beta was released. Unfortunately it’s still only for Windows, but making it work on Mac is easy with Wineskin!

Update: Big Pharma is now officially supporting Mac, buy it on Steam

Being a fan of isometric strategy games, Big Pharma instantly looked interesting to try out. It’s a strange blend of Theme Hospital and Transport Tycoon into one.
As I haven’t really had the chance to try the game out much yet, I’m not going to go into details about the actual game, but I am going to show you how to make it work on your Mac, which was my first concern to be able to play the game at all.

1. Start by visiting the official site to get the actual game. You can pre-order, and get the Beta + a Steam key for when the full release is out.
2. Download the latest Wineskin. Extract and move it to “Applications”
3. Open Wineskin (right click then open if you experience problems). You should have a Window like this:


4. Click “+” and make sure to choose the latest engine (currently 1.7.44). Click Download and Install, click OK when prompted.


5. Click “Create New Blank Wrapper” at the bottom.


6. Give it a name, “Big Pharma” f.ex, then click OK. Click OK on any other prompts to install necessities.


7. When finished, click “View wrapper in Finder”. You can now quit Wineskin.


8. Right-click your app, and click “Open”. You might get “cannot be opened”, just try again. When it is open, click “Install Software”.


9. Click “Choose Setup Executable” then choose “Biopharma_Installer.exe”. Install like a typical Windows application. At the end of the installation, remove the “Launch Big Pharma” tag, we need to do a quick configuration first. Click Finish. 


10. Wineskin needs to know which executable to run. Choose “Big Pharma.exe” and click OK.


11. Click “Set Screen Options”. Choose “Override” at the top right, then “Fullscreen” at the top middle. Click “Done”. You can now click quit.


(Optional) Make it look pretty:

1. Download this logo.


2. Open it with “Preview”, click “Cmd+A”, then “Cmd+C”


3. Find your app (/Username/Applications/Wineskin/Big, right-click and click “Get Info” or mark it and click “Cmd+I”. At the top left, click the Icon once, then “Cmd+V”. You should now get the new icon, and you can exit. You can also drag the app to your dock, so you can start it from there.


That’s it! You’re ready to play on your Mac 🙂


After playing for a while, it seems to be stable, no problems so far. The only thing is that I’m experiencing some graphical issues, with lower resolution on some objects. It might be Wine, or the Beta itself, not sure yet.



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