Universal Carbon FPV Monitor To Transmitter Mount

To use my RX-LCD5802 FPV monitor with my transmitter, I needed a simple mount for it. HobbyKing had one for less than $10 made out of carbon, so I picked one up to see if it would meet my needs.

I will not waste much time on this product. The carbon pieces are nice, but the included mounts are poorly made, they are not cut straight, meaning that it will not fit properly on the transmitter. Also one of the plastic washers were missing in the kit, meaning it’s hard to fasten the screws and still be able to have the adjustability of the monitor.

I managed to force it in place, but then I noticed another problem – balance! The LCD mount is fitted so far behind the balance point of the transmitter, that your wrists will get tired after holding the transmitter, because the LCD is bending it backwards. Even with a neck strap, it is impossible to balance the transmitter.

I’ve already ordered a mount that can fit the neck strap mount, to see if that will balance better.

I’m using this mount in the meantime, but I wouldn’t buy it again.


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