Skyzone TS5823 V2 Video Transmitter

HobbyKing had a 10-30% sale on their whole store, so I just had to order some FPV-gear for my quad. To begin with, I needed a way to send video from my GoPro.

The choice fell on the SkyZone TS5823 V2 mini FPV transmitter from HobbyKing. This VTX can be found at multiple stores at a low price, typically around $25. It is small, lightweight and cheap. As with most of these transmitters, there’s only a typical linear WiFi-antenna included, which isn’t really that good for FPV, but should easily give 500m range. 1500m is mentioned in the specifications, but I wouldn’t trust that without circular polarized antennas.

I received it after less than 1 week, very happy with the Swiss Post option, and this thing blew my mind! It is TINY! I knew it was small before I ordered, it is called a mini FPV transmitter after all, but it’s really much smaller than I expected! This will be perfect for mounting on the Quanum Nova.

Even a GoPro video out cable is included, although I didn’t use this one, it was a bit to flimsy, and the isolation was ripped.


I ordered a separate GoPro cable (also from HobbyKing) with both video and audio out, which I soldered to the included mini-jst 5 pin cable. I soldered a JST male plug for power, which can be plugged into the 12V output of the Quanum Nova.

After testing it, I mounted it by the camera mount on the Nova with 3M double sided tape, I’ll switch to velcro later, so it’s removable.
I made the wiring harness much longer than needed, so I’ll probably redo the harness later to clean it up a bit. For now I just put it underneath the GoPro camera mount.

The VTX gets warm, but not hot, even with no fan or heat sink mounted. It will probably get more than enough airflow from the quad propellers to prevent overheating when in use, but at the bench, I haven’t let it stay on too long, so I’m not sure if it can overheat without proper airflow, I’ll have to test that with a thermometer at some time.

This video transmitter is excellent! It is so tiny, and can easily be fitted to any model. After taking these pictures, I removed the 3M tape (after a lot of prying…) and replaced it with 3M adhesive velcro. I had to remove the landing gears, and the transmitter was in the way. The velcro isn’t as strong as the tape, but it’s still more than enough to hold the transmitter in place. Also, if I were to crash, it would pop of, rather than breaking the antenna mount. Another thing is that it’s easy to move it to another model, as long as it has the correct wiring harness (5 pin mini-JST).

If you have any questions, please comment 🙂


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