Tamiya 1:14 Oil Damper (56515)

I was told to replace the original dampers on my Tamiya 1:14 to oil dampers, as this would give it a better suspension and not so jumpy if driving fast. They were fairly cheap, so why not. It’s easiest to replace them while building anyways, not after.

These are the “new” oil dampers from Tamiya, not blue aluminium, but more of a steel look, making it a bit more authentic. This is what you get in the box, everything you need for two dampers.


The manual isn’t very good though, but it’s pretty much self-explanatory anyways.


Assembling the dampers:

Start by removing the top from the cylinder.


Then cut out the parts you need. V1 is not used, V2 is for the shock, V3 is for fitting the damper (if needed) V4 is for soft dampening, V5 for hard dampening if you have a heavy truck. I used V4 which allows oil to pass more easily.

DSCN1576 DSCN1580

Start by putting the V4/V5 on the piston, making sure the side with the raised circle is facing up. Then attach the e-clip.

DSCN1583 DSCN1584

Make sure the cylinder is empty, and put one of the small sponges on top. Push it down with the little assembly on the piston, try to make sure it goes down straight, not flipping to it’s side. When it’s all the way down, you can “test” it with pushing the piston all the way down, and releasing, and the piston should move up a tiny bit.

***This step is for Globe liner only: Add the three metal shims


Put the cylinder spacer on the piston, put some oil on the two red O-rings, and slide them all the way down.

Put the cylinder cap on with the threads facing the O-rings. Wipe the piston down, and hold it tightly with a piece of paper towel or something, and screw the V2 part on top, all the way in and tighten. Your piston should look like this:

DSCN1596 DSCN1597

Fill the cylinder up with the included oil, fill it up slowly to the mark, and maybe add a drop to top off. Then screw the cylinder cap down on the cylinder, just a couple of rounds, do not fully tighten. Hold a paper towel around it, and push slowly down until you reach the cap, and then fully tighten the cylinder cap with the included wrench. Pull it slowly up again, and work it up and down slowly a couple of times. You should still notice the sponge in the bottom pushing the piston up when releasing it.

After doing this to all my four dampers, I still only used 1/3 of ONE of the included bottles with oil, so there’s more than enough. I now have 1 & 2/3 bottle with damper oil sitting on my shelf.



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