RC4WD Retread tires for Tamiya trucks

I read that people weren’t too happy with the stock tires for Tamiya Trucks, and after finding these tires on RC4WD for a small price, I figured “sure, why not!” I also bought rims from RCmart, these were only $10, very cheap compared to other places, and they are matte, not chrome as in the original rims – which really doesn’t look scale at all.

The rims look great! A couple of small scuff marks, but they’re only noticeable when looking very closely.


The tires look great as well! The rubber is very soft, similar to bicycle tires, only softer. They are also matte, and look more realistic.


I figured I should glue them, even though I’m pretty sure it’s not necessary because of the tire friction. I sanded the rims and tires, and then cleaned them with denatured alcohol.

I started with the rear tires, so I could practice on the sides that are facing each other. This was a good idea, because I really messed up the first one!


After this mishap, I learned that the CA glue was extremely thin and runny, and I didn’t have a lot of time to seat the tire properly on the rim. This meant tearing the tire from the rim a couple of times before getting it right. The next tires went much better. I used less glue, but glued a larger surface at a time and rotated the wheel. This meant that I could glue it almost all the way around with just a couple of drops of glue. I found the best tactic was to glue on two sides (180 degrees of each other), and then rotating the tire to spread it around the whole rim. I did not glue the seam, I didn’t find this necessary, I’m not going to drive it in sand etc, so there’s a minimal chance of dust gathering up, and it looks better without glue spilled all over it.

I’m happy with the results! They look very authentic, not so much bling chrome as the originals 😀


I noticed that I might’ve installed them a bit crooked… These tires are very soft, so maybe I stretched them while gluing or something, so when spinning them they weren’t perfectly seated on the rim. Anyways, it doesn’t matter, it’s not a high speed RC car. Maybe I’ll be able to bend them over time or something, or I’ll just have to live with a bit of wobble…

A couple of days after I got the tires, I actually received my Tamiya 1850L! Read the build thread!



Later when I assembled the original stock tires, I noticed they were MUCH stiffer than these, and they stayed perfectly in place after gluing, so bear in mind that these tires are softer and therefore harder to mount perfectly, but being soft also makes them better on hard surfaces in my opinion, more friction. Also they didn’t look THAT crooked after installing them on the truck etc, it might be the original molding, and they probably will straighten up after using them a little use (the truck is heavy!) Also the chrome on the original rims are just too much bling compared to these nice “steel” ones.


2 thoughts on “RC4WD Retread tires for Tamiya trucks

  1. It certainly doesn’t matter on a model, but in the USA it is illegal to use retreads for steer tires… Retreads are for rear, non-steer tires only. On my King hauler, I used RC4WD’s “Roady” tires for the front steer tires and retreads for the 8 rear duals. My 1850L is on order from Banzai Hobby, coming from Japan. I can’t wait to get building!

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