Carson Pallets 1:14 scale

As I’m waiting for my Tamiya kit, I bought some plastic 1:14 Carson Pallets (907049). These are not as realistic as the wooden ones (907099), or the wooden imitation ones (907094), but I got them cheap, and bought two packs with five pieces each.

In my opinion, the wooden ones look strange because of the obvious laser burn mark, and the realistic plastic one looks to old and worn. I’d rather paint the plastic ones if I think they need more realism.


Assembly is required, but as simple as it gets.


I started by cutting the pars apart with pliers, making sure I didn’t bend anything. Btw. as you can see by the pictures, the bottom “planks” don’t snap in to place, they are much smaller, and just guides really.

I used a scalpel knife to cut through the excess plastic, then used it to cut away thin slices to smoothen the plastic.

I applied glue around the guides, and glued them in the same direction as the side they were attached to.

This means that one side of the pallets are nice and smooth, but the other a bit more rough. I will be sanding these down to make them more smooth.

Rough side

Rough side


Smooth side

The pallets may look very fake when used alone, but with all my 10 pallets together, it’s looks pretty cool! Still have to smooth out one of sides yet though, it looks a bit unfinished.


I got these for a total of like $8 including shipping, so I’m really happy with my purchase 😀

Hmm…got finished with these waaay to quickly… Back to waiting for my 1850L.


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