Adding the Turnigy LED kit to my Yak 12

As the evenings got darker, it got harder to locate my Yak when flying at long distances or high altitudes. Sometimes it could also be hard to see the orientation of the plane.

I therefore checked out some of the LED kits you can buy, and quickly found the Turnigy LED kit. With a price less than $7 I just ordered one, even though I had no idea of how I could mount it on my Yak…


The package arrived a week after I ordered it, a VERY small box, with everything you needed to mount it. I searched around different forums, and found a good approach for mounting it, but a bit scary approach – cutting a slit in the foam for the cables. I used a hobby knife, making sure I didn’t cut too deep, and cut both wings, all the way to the end. The LEDs have a black plastic holder which needs to be mounted in the foam. I used a drill to make holes in the wing tips, and towards the slit. This way I could glue the LED holders, then insert the LEDs. After routing the wires back to the fuselage, I used a hot glue gun to close the slit again. I’m not sure if hot glue is the best option, but it seems to work fine. For the tail strobe I had to split the tail to hide the wire. Not the best finish, but it works! You won’t be able to see that from a distance anyways. For the nose strobe, the mounting was easy, just drill a hole straight through.

I’m happy with the result, although I could’ve tried some better glue first, which would have left a smoother surface with a lower weight.


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