Adding skis to my 950mm EPO Yak 12

As the winter was coming, I just had to try adding some skis to the Yak 12. I found a cheap set on HobbyKing, $3.29! But, there was a problem – I didn’t want to modify the landing gear I already had, so I wanted to order another one. It was VERY hard to find someone who would ship a new set for a reasonable price.


The part from EasySky is called ES9906-016, but no one could deliver one. After a long search, I found JRCmodel which had most parts available, although not for a small price. So, $20 later I got my new landing gear. The first thing I did was pull off the plastic end stoppers on each side, and then the wheels. I kept the small white mounts which holds the spring shock in place. I tried convincing myself that it was worth the $20…but all that’s needed is a rod bent to fit the landing gear slot, not really worth the $20. Anyways, I now have a couple of extra parts for my plane, and it looks good on the plane.


The skis were easily mounted. I used a couple of collars which had two fastening holes drilled out, one for the typical mini hex screw, and the bolt for tightening the spring for the ski on the other. This makes a secure mount, the springs work fine.


This was very easy to do, and I now have a normal landing gear and the skis. They can be switched in 1 minute. Perfect! Only thing missing now is the snow…



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