TechnicLauncher App for Mac

I’m a huge fan of Minecraft, and recently started testing out some mods, as vanilla Minecraft does get repetitive in the long run. Technic is a mod pack which easily gives you a lot of fun instantly, and I have nothing bad to say about it. For the Launcher however…


Everything is stored under “../Application Support/technic/” which means that you won’t touch an already installed Minecraft, however it is possible to play vanilla Minecraft under the TechnicLauncher as well, but then the Launcher will redownload and install a new Minecraft install, not touching your “../Application Support/minecraft” installation.

Anyways, the launcher is at the moment a simple “TechnicLauncher.jar” file. This means no icon and not possible to start through Spotlight. You can’t add it to the dock either.

Using Jar Bundler (I got it from the 2012-005 Java developer pkg) I bundled the jar as an App, and put it in a DMG. This will make it possible to put the Launcher in the Applications directory, and add a shortcut to the dock etc. as with a normal app.

I’ve not done any alterations to the .jar itself, just created an App shell around it, I take no credit for the Launcher itself, and usage of this launcher is at your own risk (although I don’t see why there should be any problems with it).

Get the TechnicLauncher for Mac here (Build 439)

Getting a “…move to trash” error?

Due to OS X’s safety settings, you might have to temporarily change a security setting in the Security & Privacy pane under System Preferences. Change “Allow applications downloaded from” to “Anywhere”, start the Launcher, and put it back to what it was.

Update: As there hasn’t been too much interest in this, I’ve stopped adding new versions.


8 thoughts on “TechnicLauncher App for Mac

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    • I try to keep them current, but I’m not playing on tekkit that often. Will try to check more often, to make sure it’s the last version at all times 🙂

  2. I don’t suppose you (or another developer) is still maintaining this wrapper? Or, at least, is there a download link to a recent-ish version?

    I’m a little disappointed with Technic – it’s 18 months since you posted this originally and we Mac users are still given a .jar file to run.

    • Yeah, I know. I don’t understand why they can’t make an official Mac App. I don’t play Technic anymore, and there wasn’t really too much interest in the wrapper.

      I used Jar-bundler to create it, created an icon from a PNG-file, and saved the app in a DMG for installation.

      Maybe I’ll update it one day, but really I think it’s something the developers should fix. Like you said, it’s 18 months since I posted this.

      • Thanks Glenn.

        I ended up finding a script that would bundle up the .jar for me (I don’t really care about the icon!):

      • Yeah, the Jar bundler was good enough, but I used it only for this. To get it, you need the 2012-005 Java developer pkg, and Pacifist or similar to browse it, find the Jar-bundler App and copy it to where you want to use it.

        I “never” work with Java applications, so I don’t have it installed. And there was really a lot of hassle to keep the launcher updated, when there wasn’t really a lot of people downloading it (AFAIK).

        Hopefully Technic will listen to their Mac-users 🙂

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