The Xtrons D714G car stereo – Great hardware, flawed software

I wanted a new car stereo, with monitor and GPS and everything. I wanted navigation and iPod docking as a minimum.

After doing some browsing, I came over Xtrons, which seemed like an OK device. Cheap, but not a cheaply made device.

I ordered one.

I was thinking of doing an extended review of this unit, as I really couldn’t find anything online.
But after using the unit for a couple of days, I ripped it out of my dash, and threw my good old Sony GT50UI (iPod docking) unit back. The Xtrons has TERRIBLE software!

The installation was a painless operation. I placed the GPS as high up under the dash as I could, close to the front windscreen. This gave a full signal on my navigation without any problems.
The docking connector is connected from the back, so you can hide your iPod/iPhone in f.ex. the glove department without any wires running all over.

The first thing I did, was setup the radio. I quickly discovered that the volume was hard to set. It’s WAY to loud, or off. It couldn’t be adjusted in-between. This was major flaw no. 1. Then I tried driving around – the radio switched frequencies all the time, no difference with DX or LOC set (which I haven’t seen on a car since the 80’s.) Not only does it switch frequencies, it pauses while doing so. This means stuttering radio while driving – absolutely rubbish! Also, it shows the frequency you’re on, not the channel name. Ridiculous!

OK, lets test the MP3 player then. “Wow, a lot of squares on all my files… how nice.” It shows like 8 characters! It doesn’t support id3, and you won’t be able to scroll folders and tracks easily. The MP3 player is poorly made, not much work put into this. It’s unintuitive, unresponsive and ugly. I have never seen a such poorly designed MP3 player.

Hmm… how about iPhone? The same as MP3, awful software, almost not usable.

Last alternative – Bluetooth audio? Works perfectly! You use the phone to change stations etc. Any problems? Yes – the audio quality is crap. Sounds like 64kbps audio – not usable.

You are able to connect a backup camera, but I didn’t test this. You can also change the background and the logo on boot. I uploaded my own picture, and it looked really nice, but still these are functions which in no way can make up for the stereo not being able to play music properly!!

I didn’t bother testing movies or DVDs. The player was so bad, I just wanted it out of my car!

GPS software was not included, so I tested with iGO Primo, which was excellent! Everything worked perfectly, and I could even customize the loading screen! In fact, the iGO Primo also has FM radio built-in and an MP3-player. If this was the software on the unit, I’m pretty sure I would have kept my Xtrons. But I sold mine after this experience… Not worth the money. If you need a new unit, buy from someone with frequent updates and good service!


2 thoughts on “The Xtrons D714G car stereo – Great hardware, flawed software

    • I had an installer for iGo Primo from another china-device, but unfortunately it seems like iGo Primo for Windows CE is only to be sold to business, so I’m not sure if it was supposed to be delivered with a unit like that. My Xtrons didn’t have any navigation software included either. You will probably have to google for someone who sells navigation software for Windows CE.

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